Lush The Comforter Shower Cream


An entire post dedicated to a shower product? Is this my life now? Yes, yes it is.

You may remember all the excitement surrounding the opening of the new flagship Lush store on Oxford street. I was definitely excited because Lush has been one of my favourite brands for so many years now and three whole floors of Lush goodies and new exclusive products sounded like my heaven. The exclusive product I was most excited for and definitely heard the most about was The Comforter shower cream. Based on the bubble bar of the same name, with cassis absolute and bergamot, this shower cream is divine. It's a lovely blackcurrant scent that is so comforting (like the name suggests) and lingers on the skin for ages. It doesn't lather up like a shower gel but leaves your body feeling so soft and clean. 

Since my trip to the flagship store, I've actually seen this shower cream in my local Lush so I think it may now be widely available. I definitely recommend giving it a sniff!

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