50 Things To Do This Summer


1. Go to the beach, any beach, be it Cornwall or the Caribbean.

2. Go on a picnic.

3. Explore a new village, town or city.

4. Read a really good book, don't stop until you've found one you really love.

5. Go for a walk.

6. Try Yoga.

7. Drink Pimms.

8. Have a movie marathon.

9. Have a barbecue.

10. Bake something tasty.

11. Go to a festival.

12. Make your own smoothies.

13. Start a blog.

14. Go swimming, the sea, a pool, a lake, just find some water

15. Go to a charity shop, find some hidden gems.

16. Have a pamper day.

17. Make a scrapbook.

18. Go to an open air theatre, check out Regent's Park or Shakespeare's Globe

19.  Make ice cream sundaes.

20. Go for a Bike ride.

21. Find a market, pick up some local and handmade produce.

22.Have a dinner party.

23. Tie-dye some t-shirts.

24. Create a perfect summer playlist, find your summer song.

25. Make your own cocktails.

26. Have a bonfire.

27. Play tourist in your own hometown, see if you can find something new.

28. See some live music, find a festival or a concert.

29. Go on a boat ride, a barge, a rowing boat, even a dingy.

30. Fly a kite.

31. Take a road trip.

32. Get crafty, make something.

33. Go camping, even if it's in your garden.

34. Visit a gallery or museum.

35. Go on a date, doesn't matter if it's a best friend or a boyfriend.

36. Have a water fight.

37. Go to the cinema.

38. Star gaze.

39. Go to an amusement park.

40. Plant something and watch it grow.

41. Play boardgames.

42. Have a technology free day.

43. Draw chalk pictures on the pavement.

44. Make a daisychain.

45. Watch the sun rise.

46. Watch the sun set.

47. Visit your local library.

48. Take up a new sport.

49. Build a fort out of blankets and sheets.

50. Take a picture every day, document your summer.

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