Curretly Watching #2


Another round-up of the TV shows I'm loving at the moment!

House of Cards

On paper, this is not my type of show, it's a smart, slick political thriller but I'm a sucker for a hype and everyone was talking about it. Now I see why. The show follows Washington congressman Frank Underwood and his wife Claire and their rise to power. Honestly if this doesn't sound like your show, I still recommend it, it's so compelling to watch, the twists and turns, the cold and calculated way in which Frank and Claire get what they want and Kevin Spacey's Southern drawl. It's superbly acted, well written and so thrilling.

The great British bake off
This show is my obsession. 
It doesn't sound like much on paper, a competition for amateur bakers in which you watch other people trying their delicious bakes and you just stare enviously. This show just gives me warm fuzzy feelings, the contestants are such a wonderful array of characters (shout out to Ugne the Ukrainian body builder) and they're all so talented. Mary Berry is also my icon and I wish she was my grandmother/personal baker/wardrobe stylist (she rocks a floral jacket like no one else) and I'm not ashamed to say I love Mel and Sue's puns. If you want feel good TV and you're a fan of baking,watch this. The final is on Wednesday, it will be one not to miss.
Side note, watching will cause extreme hunger, I recommend to watch with copious amounts of snacks.

Parks and Recreation
If you love the US office, this show is a sure fire hit, it's a similar mockumentary style, following the town of Pawnee's local government parks and recreation department. It's silly, funny and I want Leslie Knope to be my best friend (we both have a serious sugar addiction) 
Strictly Come Dancing
It's back! It's not Autumn until Strictly starts. A cometitin where a load of celebrities pair u with professional dancers and learn ballroom. Another feel good show, Strictly Come Dancing is brimming with sparkles and glitter and a host of great characters learning to dance. I have a feeling this year is going to be a good one, I would totally be lying if I said that I didn't sort of love Jeremy Vine''s dad dancing routine last week... Any prediction's for tonight's eviction?!

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