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In half term, my boyfriend and I headed to one of my favourite places ever-The Warner Bros. Studio Tour London. This was actually my third time going (I'm a serious fangirl), but it just never gets old- plus they had added some new attractions since I'd last been such as the Hogwarts Express and just for half term, you could go inside number for Privet Drive and peek at the Dursley's living room.

If you haven't already been to the Harry Potter studio tour,I highly recommend it, it's such a brilliant day out and a must for any fan of the books and films. The way the tour is organised is really great and the reveal of the doors to the entrance hall is so fun (if you've been you'll know exactly what I mean but no spoilers here!). The set are all dressed exactly as they are for the film and the attention to detail is simply INCREDIBLE. Everything down to Dean Thomas' West Ham poster and a label for each and every jar of potions ingredients. I would find it incredibly difficult to pick a favourite part as it is all so incredible, but walking down Diagon Alley is a pretty magical experience, as well as standing on the train platform and seeing the steaming Hogwarts Express. I also picked up a little souvenir ticket from the railway shop so come September st you'll know where to find me...

Another amazing part is the giftshop- you can buy pretty everything and anything you can think of, wax seal kits and parchment, replica Horcruxes, cuddly Pygmy Puffs, an entire Hogwarts uniform and so much more. However, the thing I was most excited for? The Honeydukes section of course! I picked up so many things that I couldn't quite justify all of them and ended up putting back the sugar quill and a huge bar of Honeydukes chocolate (just in case of a dementor attack, obvs) and ended up getting a chocolate frog (I'm collection the cards, of course) and a jar of Honeydukes pear drops, which I mainly got for the adorable jar that I will totally be reusing. My boyfriend picked up a Honeydukes lollipop and a dark mark lollipop which is pretty awesome.

Overall, I really did have the best day an if you're ever visiting London or the surrounding areas, I think this should be top of your to do list.

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