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Throwback to when I was about 13 years old and just getting into the wonderful world of make up, my must have product was undoubtedly lipgloss. The sparklier and stickier the better. I remember going into Boots and buying the entire Natural Collection lipgloss range (Raspberry Ripple was a personal fave). I used to layer them on my lips like some pouty princess. I had no interest in lipstick. Lipstick came in weird colours and didn't smell like strawberries. I had a different gloss in my blazer pocket every day and a Lancome Juicy Tube was at the top of my wishlist (as the picture above shows, that wish did eventually come true).

Flash forward a few years, when I was around 17/18 and my lipgloss stash was seriously neglected. I just stopped wearing it. I hated the shimmer and shine and how my hair got stuck to my mouth if it was windy. Lipgloss felt a bit childish and I was all about the matte look. Lipsticks were amazing, they were thick and pigmented and you could build up immense colour. Unfortunately, this was also the time when super light concealer looking nude lipsticks were in (hello MAC Myth) and so my early experience with lipstick made for some awful pictures.

Now? Well at the ripe old age of 21, I'm definitely not in the same place as my 13 year old self, I don't wear a lot of gloss and steer well clear of anything glittery and shimmery, but I'm also pleased to say I am no longer into the extremely matte and nude lipsticks. Lipgloss has changed slightly and there are some better formulas out there. I think for me, gloss works best when it's nude and adds a bit of a sheen but nothing thick and gloopy. For that, I do like the Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector as they are nice and subtle. I'll never return to that lipgloss hysteria of my youth but I definitely want to delve into my collection and experiment a bit more.

What's your opinion on gloss? Do you love it or loathe it?

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