My Top 3 Concealers


Oh concealer you Monday morning saviour. Disguising sleepless nights and chocolate binges, concealer really is a miracle worker.
I've rounded up my top 3 concealers for covering up dark circles and unsightly blemishes. I seriously cannot be without them.

The budget option, this concealer is seriously hyped within the blogging community and with good reason. It's a very full coverage concealer that I think is best for blemishes, as it could look a little thick under the eyes. It's a nice creamy formula and the lightest shade is actually very pale which is the main thing I struggle with for high street concealers.

Packaging wise, this one wins hands down. Just look at that rose gold! Although this looks like your standard highlighting concealer, don't confuse it with a touché éclat. This concealer offers great coverage and the formula is so light and brightening it's perfect for under the eyes, it covers dark circles without looking thick and cakey.

My most recent concealer love, this is quite similar to the Collection concealer but it's even more creamy (hence the name) and covers anything. This is a seriously full coverage concealer. The shade range is also incredible for a variety of skin tones and the lightest shade, Chantilly, is the palest concealer I think I've ever seen!

Have you tried any of these concealers?

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