After All This Time? Always.


I am a Harry  Potter obsessive. I was part of the generation that grew up with Harry Potter. I remember my parents read me the first book when I was very small and then that was it, I was hooked. I've read the books and seen the films more times than I can count over the years, it's a story I very much associate with my childhood and growing up but I still love reading and watching it to this day. As Dumbledore would say, After all this time? Always.  It's a world of magic but at its core are important values of love, death and acceptance . Anyway, I really could ramble on about the wonder of Harry Potter until the end of time itself but that's not actually the point of this post.

If any of you have been to the Warner Bros Studio Tour, you will have undoubtedly been drawn in to the incredible giftshop that has pretty much everything a potterhead could wish for. I've been to the studio tour twice (I'm desperate to go now they have the Hogwarts express) and bought a few little bits for myself but now they have launched the shop online, my boyfriend surprised me with a few little pieces.

Of course, he had to get me a chocolate frog. This has the authentic film packaging and even comes with a card! The chocolate frog itself is massive and seriously tasty. Next up is the beautiful Time Turner key chain that has concentric circles so it spins and looks so delicate and pretty! It also has a tiny sand timer in the middle. It's quite big for a key chain but it does mean you won't lose your keys! Finally, as a Gryffindor, I needed something to represent my house, he picked this lovely Gryffindor journal with the Gryffindor logo embossed on the front. It also has beautiful parchement style pages that makes you feel like you should be writing in it with a quill

If you're a Harry Potter fan and can't get down to the studio tour, I really recommend checking out the online shop it has so many great items. I sure know what's gonna be on my Christmas List this year!

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