April 2016 Favourites


Happy bank holiday weekend! So we're heading into May and, to be honest, it's still not as warm as I'd like it to be. I mean, most days it doesn't even feel like spring, shouldn't I have put my coat away by now?! Sort it out, England. Anyway, after last months marathon favourites, my April selection is a lot smaller, but full of lovely things as always!

I picked up this super cute notebook from TK Maxx, I'm so obsessed with pink and gold, it's such a dreamy colour combination and every time I look at it I just sing the Iggy Azalea song! I've actually got so many adorable and fun notebooks from TK Maxx, I seriously recommend checking them out if you're a stationary lover!

As mentioned in my previous post, I am loving the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette as it's got an amazing selection of matte and shimmery neutrals along with a couple of bright shades thrown into the mix (admittedly, I'm yet to use the brighter hues). I'm most obsessed with Pop, a shimmery champagne shade with golden and peach tones.

For skincare, I've really been enjoying my Lush Oatfix face mask which I actually got for free when I brought five clean and empty Lush pots back to one of their stores. This is a really moisturising face mask that leaves my skin feeling super soft afterwards and only needs to be left on for 5-10 minutes. A great one for sensitive skin!

I've had a couple of nail favourites this month, and one of them isn't from Essie for once! The Rita Ora for Rimmel nail polish in Peachella is just the perfect light peach shade. I was also really impressed by the wide easy to use brush and the opaque formula, all for a bargain price. My other polish of choice is Essie Go Ginza, a beautiful milky lilac that just scream spring. You do need to do a couple of coats before you get a decent colour but it's so worth it.




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