January 2016 Favourites


So, January is all done and dusted! Here are  few of my favourite things from the month.

I am completely in love with my new Skinny Dip glitter phone case. I picked this up in Topshop for 18 pounds which at the time, I thought was quite expensive for a phone case, but it feels so well made and it's just too pretty for words! I have to say though, I do get veeeeery distracted shaking my phone to see the glitter move!

I wrote a post a few months ago all about lipgloss, how I used to love it, then loathe it, and  now I'm somewhere in between. However, this month, I've been ALL about the gloss. Maybe it's because it's so cold at the moment, my skin has definitely been on the dry side so I can't bear the thought of a super matte lipstick. Or maybe it's because January is such a miserable month, gloss just make me feel that little bit more glam. Either way, I have been really enjoying using the Dior Addict Lip Maximizer- Collagen Active Lipgloss (what a mouthful). This gloss feels so plumping and isn't overly tingly and uncomfortable like other glosses that promise volume. It's got the tiniest hint of pink but could be layered over  any lipstick to add volume and shine. I love wearing this with something nude pink underneath as I feel like it really makes them look so much fuller. Kylie Jenner eat your heart out.

I've had Topshop Tidal nail polish on my nails all week and I love it. It's a very pale, slightly grey toned blue, that is so nice for winter. I also love layering a silver glitter over the top for some sparkle. I's a bit different to the pastels I normally go for, but I think the slight grey undertones make it that little bit more sophisticated. Topshop nail polish has the most adorable packaging and is an absolute bargain, I basically recommend the entire range!

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