By Terry Baume De Rose- Worth the Hype?


The days of Vaseline and Carmex are long gone, my friends. Lip balm has gone luxury. I was lucky enough to receive By Terry Baume De Rose for Christmas after contemplating purchasing it for a few months prior, but I wasn't sure I could justify the hefty price tag. So, is it worth it?

By Terry Baume De Rose is a thick and intensely hydrating lip balm with a beautiful rose scent. It's lightly pale pink in colour, but that doesn't particularly translate onto the lips. I find it's a very protective lip balm that doesn't immediately sink into the lips but feels incredibly nourishing. I think this is a great lip balm for when your lips need some real TLC but it would also just act a a great base for lip product.

I luxury beauty, I really do, but 39 pounds for  a lip balm? I'm almost annoyed at how lovely this lip balm is because buying it means living off beans and toast for a good couple of weeks. It does definitely feel very luxurious and I do think this pot will last me a very long time, even with every day use as you only need a tiny amount. It is hands down the nicest lip balm I've tried, the texture, scent, packaging and actual effect of the product is amazing, but 39 pounds?! I'm really on the fence with this one, I love it and will continue to use it whilst trying to seek out a cheaper alternative. I'll keep you posted...

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