My New Year's Resolutions for 2016


So, another year begins. I know, I know, new year's resolutions are a bit of a cliché, will I actually keep any of them past January 5th? Unlikely, but it's worth a try. 

  • Drink more water. I make this resolution EVERY SINGLE YEAR but one of these years I am determined that it will stick.
  • Exercise more.The unthinkable has happened. I have joined a gym. I'm yet to fall in love with exercise and going to the gym but so far I've managed to keep up going twice a week and I hope that continues for this year. 
  • Eat healthier. Of course, the above resolution won't have much effect on my health if I keep eating chocolate like my life depends on it. I'm not going to completely cut out the good stuff, but I need to cut down.
  • Put less emphasis on material possessions. I know that may seem a little contradictory since I write a blog all about the pretty little things I buy, and that won't be changing, but it's understanding that another nude lipstick might make you happy for 10 minutes but it's not a long term solution. I have so many pretty lipsticks, if I keep buying more, I'll never get to use and truly appreciate the ones I have.
  •  Be more sensible with money. Now I'm getting older,I need to start saving for the big things, a car, getting on the property ladder, blah, blah, blah. I've taken action by opening a savings account and I'm planning on adding to it every month but I also need to cut down on the impulsive purchases like that pastel nail polish I definitely don't need or that jumper that looks like every other jumper I own. Gosh, being an adult sure is fun.
  • Say yes more. I am such an introvert, I love nothing more than a cosy night in with a good film, some snacks and the company of my dog. Although that will always be one of my favourite thing to do, I think I need to start saying yes to going out more, to meeting new people and making memories while I'm still young. 
So, those are my resolutions for the year! Who knows how many I will make stick but I'm filled with naive optimism that I will make it happen!

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