Empties #3


I am determined that 2016 will be, amongst many other things, the year I stop buying so many beauty products and downsize my collection. I mean, it's not as if it's taking up an entire room but it's definitely bigger than I would like! I also need to make room for all the new products I received for Christmas (I have decided that products I receive as presents don't count, obvs). I love using up products, it's just so satisfying and it's interesting to see what I would repurchase!

The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Butter 
 I have a lot of body moisturisers, they are one of those things that come with every single gift set and I don't know about you guys, but I find moisturising my body SO BORING. It's up there with washing my brushes for sure. It took me so long to use up this body butter, they've slightly changed the packaging since I've bought it. I'm actually a big fan of this body butter, the cocoa scent is lovely, not too sweet or overwhelming like some of the others and really lingers on the skin. The formula is rich, nourishing and incredibly moisturising and even if, like me, it takes you about a year to use up a big tub like this, the product doesn't spoil. I think the body butters are amazing and really do the job.
Would I repurchase? Yes

The Body Shop Strawberry Beautifying Oil 
 l love the idea of this product, an oil that can be used on your face, body and hair. However, I was a bit disappointed with this. I found it to be far too oily and slippery to use on my body, although this might be nice for holidays when you're wearing loose clothes and can wait for it to dry. When I put it on my face, I also found it too oily, I didn't feel like it really sank in and didn't seem to make a lot of difference. I ended up mainly using this on my hair, for which it is quite nice, but I feel I could get a similar, if not better result with something like Argan Oil. 
Would I repurchase? No

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
Having tried Bioderma, I can say that this micellar water is extremely similar. It's gentle and very effective at removing make up. I use it in the evening to take off the bulk of my make up (although if I've done a heavy duty eye look with waterproof products, I like something a bit stronger) before going in with a balm cleanser. I also like using it in the morning just to refresh my face. The great thing about this cleanser is how affordable and easily accessible it is, which for me, puts it above Bioderma. 
Would I repurchase? Yes, I already have along with the mini travel size!

L'Oréal Paris Super Liner Perfect Slim Intense
I'm a total eye liner addict, I love nothing more than a slick cat flick and in my teens, winged liner was pretty much my daily uniform. I was actually thoroughly impressed with this product: it's a felt tip style liner and it's super black with an excellent fine nib which allows you to draw precise lines. As with all felt tip liners, it won't last too long before it dries out, but the affordable price tag means that it won't break the bank when you have to repurchase it every few months.
Would I repurchase? Yes
This perfume, according to FeelUnique has "fruity top notes of lemon and lychee, floral heart notes of magnolia and rose, and woody notes of white wood and musk." It's very light, sweet and fruity and I think is perhaps what might be perceived as quite a young scent, it would definitely make a nice present for a teenager, but I think my scent tastes have definitely changed over the years. I also found it did fade on the skin quite quickly. The bottle is also, as you would expect from Anna Sui, very whimsical and pretty. 
Would I repurchase? No, but 16-year-old me might have.

Ciate Underwear Base Coat Nail Polish
This is a mini base coat I got as part of my ciate advent calendar. I know base coats aren't that exciting but don't underestimate their importance! I found this polish really effective as a base. My nails weren't stained or discoloured and also didn't flake or split. Overall, I think ciate is an amazing brand and I'm so impressed with the quality of their polish.
Would I repurchase? Yes

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