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I'm an absolute TV junkie, I would much rather binge watch a TV series than watch a film, and I regularly do. I'm one of those people that gets so overly attached to TV characters I actually talk about them like they're my friends and when I finish the series I feel like a part of my life has ended forever.
*awkward pause*
I thought I'd share what I'm currently binge watching!

The U.S. office 
I'm watching this for the second time around because I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH. I actually only recently discovered it thanks to Netflix and i can't believe it's taken me so long. It's a hilarious comedy with such quirky and well written characters and one of the best will they/won't they romances on TV (Jim and Pam are literally my favourite fictional couple of all time). This show is just perfect witty comedy.
Orange is the New Black
I've actually just finished the third series but I really wanted to include it.  The show focuses on Piper, a middle class New Yorker who finds herself in prison when an old crime catches up with her. This is a great ensemble comedy with an incredible cast, it celebrates females and diversity and I find it hilarious, but also the character's back stories are so moving. Admittedly the third series wasn't as strong as the first two in my opinion but it's still a must watch. 
Pretty Little Liars
Another blogger watching PLL. I know, shocker. I was super late to the party with this one and I'm actually only on season 3, which makes me a bit panicky because apparently we find out the identity of A in like a week and if I get any spoilers I will cry. Originally I thought this would just be a typical teenage girly show, but actually it's a lot darker. It follows four teenage girls after their friend goes missing. They're tormented by an anonymous person called A and as well as dealing with all the regular drama of high school and growing up, they're trying to solve the mystery of their friend Allison and the mysterious A. Full of twists and turns (and a ridiculously attractive cast) it's the kind of show you'll start watching and before you know it it's 5 hours later and you've not moved from your laptop.

Have you watched any of these shows? Do you have any recommendations for my next series?

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