Things to be Excited for in Autumn


As today marks the first official day of Autumn, I'm in two minds about the new season; part of me is dreading waking up for work when it's dark outside and being unable to walk around the house bare foot for fear of frost bite, but of course there are some amazing things about the upcoming season that may just make waking up in the pitch dark slightly easier.

1. Berry lipstick 
It's amazing what a slick of Berry lips can do, make you feel confident and sassy and so put together. My two picks for the season are Mac lip liner in Ms Diva and Rimmel Kate Moss Matte lipstick in 107.

2. Duvet days. The cold dark weather makes it totally acceptable to spend all day rolled up in your duvet like a pig in blanket watching Netflix. Nobody will be telling you to 'go outside and enjoy the lovely weather'.

3. Bonfire night. I love fireworks, they're so magical and just make you go ooooooh aaaah. Oh the smell of bonfires is one of my absolute favourites. So good.

4. Hot chocolate with ten thousand mini marshmallows on top and hearty meat pies and just all the comfort food ever. I need the extra calories for insulation ok?!

5. Strictly Come Dancing. Yes I am only 21 but yes this is the best show ever and how I'm planning on spending all my Saturday nights from now until Christmas. I'm obsessed with all the sequins and sparkle and that show must use about a thousand gallons of fake tan. And that's just on Claudia Winkleman. And I also want Claudz to be my bestie.

6. Autumn leaves. So crisp and that satisfying crunch walking through them is like nothing else.

7. Putting your razors and wax strips and fake tan in a dusty bag and not having to think about them for months. 

8. A new season means new clothes. I'm in love with my new tartan scarf from Miss Selfridge. Autumn also means chunky knitwear and lots layering. You mean it's possible to be comfortable and look stylish?!

9. Halloween. I'll basically take any excuse to dress up, it's the drama queen in me.

10. The countdown to Christmas begins. Too soon? I'm not even sorry.

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