How to Beat the Holiday Blues


Kresten Royal, Kalithea, Rhodes

I went on holiday at the beginning of June which was great because it was cheaper, with less children and a virtually empty resort  (which meant there no need to get up at 5 to bag a decent sun lounger). However it also means I now have the whole summer to enviously look at other people's Facebook posts of their getaways. I had such an amazing week of relaxing, that coming home was a very sad day, no more sun, no more sea, no more justifying having 3 scoops of ice cream every day and more cocktails than I can count because 'I'm on holiday!' So here are a few ways to hopefully lessen those pesky holiday blues: 
Ease yourself back in
No doubt your body clock will be slightly messed up from the time difference and having spent a week doing nothing but sunbathing and reading a couple of good books, you'll probably find doing the washing up absolutely exhausting. So try and start out slow, that overflowing inbox can wait a day.
Look at photos 
It's like Monica from Friends after the wedding, she thought it was all over but she still had the pictures to look forward too. Get your photos developed, pop them in an album and if you're ever feeling blue, give them a browse.
Have something to look forward too
You don't need to book it straight away but speculating about your next holiday destination will give you something to look forward too. If you can't wait, then plan a little something as a treat, like a fun day out with friends.
"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened"
Ah Doctor Suess, that wise man. It might sound cheesy but it's so true. If you're suffering from the holiday blues it only means you've had an amazing holiday and hopefully made some memories to last.

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