Shopping My Stash #1


As you may know, I'm on a bit of a make up buying ban and so far, it's going pretty well. I have to admit, with all the new spring launches, I was craving a make up shopping spree so I took my own advice and decided to shop my stash. Remember when MAC was like the be all and end all of make up? Beauty gurus on Youtube used to use almost exclusively MAC products and with every new collection,it would be like the Hunger Games trying to get hold of some of the pieces. Now,MAC is still a really popular brand (visiting a MAC counter on Saturday lunchtime is still a bloomin' mission) but the hype has died down and so I've neglected a few of my old favourite products that were my holy grails a couple of years ago.

The first product I rediscovered was Well Dressed blush, the PERFECT pink blush for pale skin. It's so light and subtle, it's very hard to go overboard and look like a clown. I think this is a must have blusher if you struggle to find something subtle, especially if you love a bold eye or a bold lip.

For the lips, I am loving Creme Cup lipstick again, another great product for fair skin if you struggle to find a soft pink that doesn't wash you out. It's described as a blue pink but it's not obviously cool and I think it looks really natural if you want a light make up look but I also love it when I've gone heavy on the eyes. The cremesheen formula is so comfortable but it still has a great amount of pigment.

These two products are so lovely for Spring and I'm definitely going to be shopping my stash on a regular basis to discover more forgotten gems!

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