My Favourite Festive Films


Is there anything better than getting all cosy with a blanket, some hot chocolate and your favourite Christmas film?! Today, I've got a few of my all time favourites that I'll be watching in the run up to Christmas.

Love Actually 
For a bit of Christmas romance, you can't beat Love Actually. I still think this is the ultimate Christmas film, it's so quintessentially British. I love all the intertwining stories and quirky characters. The genuine scenes of love at the airport at the beginning and end of the film still make me emotional.  

The Holiday
In a similar vein to Love Actually, another Christmas romance with some British charm, The Holiday sees an LA girl and a London lass switch places for the holiday season. It's predictable, but so very lovely. And Kate Winslet's cottage is GOALS. 

I think I identify so much with Elf because I'm still a big kid at heart. Buddy the elf isn't really an elf and when he realises this, he leaves the North Pole and heads to New York to find his father. I think we could all learn a lot from Buddy and his sense of wonderment and positivity. This is a hilarious and feel good film that all the family can enjoy.

Home Alone 1 and 2
 I think everyone remembers Kevin's ultimate booby traps and wonders how those burglars actually survived all those injuries. In terms of location, the second one wins for me simply for the dream that is New York.

What are your all time favourite Christmas films?

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